The Organic Sofrito Lady visits Maryhaven's IBC


In September 2022, Maryhaven's Integrated Business Center [IBC] partnered with the Organic Sofrito Lady, who runs a small business with her mother, making organic sofrito. 

The Organic Sofrito Lady, Cynthia, and her mother, Freida, open up shop on Sundays at the Port Jefferson Station Farmer's Market, to sell their homemade organic sofrito. Cynthia was raised in Brooklyn, NY, with her Puerto Rican culture, and there, her family often made organic sofrito for all to enjoy. When asked, Cynthia expressed how most sofrito you can find on the shelves in a grocery market contain ingredients that are not the healthiest to feed your body. When Cynthia began to watch closely to what she eats, she noticed a few slight changes to her diet, and how the ingredients of the food she was consuming, affected her. This is exactly when she decided to produce her own organic sofrito, that contains minimum ingredients, and the ingredients are organic. Cynthia's mission for her business was to introduce a new product that is healthier, and safer, for those with allergies, who may not be aware of the suspicious ingredients that are in her competitors' products, which you can find at any typical grocery market. 

The two women recently visited Maryhaven's IBC to pick up the parsley that were being grown in the Hydroponic Garden Towers that the IBC houses. Cynthia and Freida were surprised to see how many active hydroponic garden towers were currently being utilized, and expressed how interesting it was to see the entire process of how the parsley was being grown. Cynthia uses the parsley grown from the hydroponic garden towers as one of the main, and most important, ingredient in her delicious organic sofrito. 

All of the plants that are grown in the hydroponic garden towers at the IBC are planted, grown, and harvested by the employees at the IBC, in which many are people of Maryhaven's support. 

Check out Cynthia and Freida's organic sofrito journey on their website, and social media pages! @OrganicSofritoLady |