Walter W. Stockton Has A Holiday Message For You! | IGHL

IGHL’s deep commitment to being the support, care, and guidance for those with intellectual disabilities, and helping to give them dignity, independence, and purpose, is the most wonderful holiday gift anyone could ask for. I hope that knowing this, inspires you to support us again with a generous holiday gift, that will impact the lives of many in the IGHL Community.

“Not all of our people have families to go home with at the holidays, but there never has been a time where somebody had to stay home alone for the holidays because a staff person would always take them home and make them part of their family.

It’s an important time of the year to give to IGHL because we try to go above and beyond the services that are provided by the state for the people who live in our homes.”

~Walter W. Stockton
President and Chief Executive Officer


We hope that you will join with us and make IGHL part of your Tradition of Giving by making a generous donation today!

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Walter W. Stockton Has A Holiday Message For You!